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No one voluntarily chooses to possibly lose their home in foreclosure. Feelings of embarrassment, shame, or fear lead to homeowners sometimes doing nothing. DON’T DO NOTHING!!! You fight traffic tickets. FIGHT for your HOME!!!

Being served with legal papers can be a disturbing experience. Especially when it involves the foreclosure of your home. It is personal and affects your family. If you do nothing, once the twenty (20) days are up, a Default is entered. As little as one month later your home may be SOLD.

For as little as $375, you may be able to stay in your home for six months or more. Hire an experienced and compassionate foreclosure defense attorney to assist you. WE PUT THE BANK ON THE DEFENSIVE. We try to win your case, not just try to buy time. The Bank has the burden of proof. Fight back to make sure they meet that burden.

We are based in Miami but serve all of Florida in foreclosure cases. Our services range from guidance on a do-it-yourself approach to full representation. We offer FLAT FEES to make it easier for you to control your legal costs, a MONTHLY FEE OPTION, or you can also elect to pay our hourly rate for a-la-carte services as they come up.

In every level of service, we will review the complaint and prepare an answer disputing the bank’s right to foreclosure. While we cannot guarantee results, our experience allows us to project what you can expect in your case. If another law firm can guarantee you something, that is who you should NOT retain.

We are available for in-office, ZOOM, or telephone consultations for FREE. Or text me directly at 305-986-8162.

Increase your chances of getting out of foreclosure and contact Scanziani & Associates Law today.

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