Get Foreclosure Surplus

Do you know what your house sold for at auction? If it was for more than you owed, there may be a surplus of funds available to you in the Court Registry. It is your duty to claim it and dispute fraudulent attempts from banks, associations, and creditors to these funds. If you do not, the surplus will be given away to creditors or deemed abandoned and sent to the State of Florida Treasury.

Foreclosure Surplus contract with keys

Do not try to do it yourself because the other side will have their lawyers involved that know the law and maybe even the Judge. Based in Miami and serving all of Florida, we offer an experienced approach to collecting surplus funds held in the Court Registry.

$298,000 is our biggest recovery of a foreclosure surplus. Best of all, you will not pay us any fees up front for this effort. Our fee comes from a percentage of the money obtained and that will be discussed with you before you retain us. If we are not successful in our efforts to secure your surplus, then you do not owe us any amount.

You have a better chance of obtaining your surplus proceeds with us on your side. Please contact Scanziani & Associates Law today.