Stop Foreclosure Sale

Stop foreclosure sale sign

While there are no guarantees when it comes to stopping foreclosure sales, our results speak for themselves. In 2016, we only faced one denial for a reset of a foreclosure sale. Average reset date is two months later. Some reset dates were 90 to 270 days out.

You can also ask for multiple cancellations. Our record is stopping a sale NINE times. That took us over 2.5 years after Final Judgment which gave our client OPTIONS!

The reasons to stop a foreclosure sale may be for a modification, a short sale, or just because you just do not have the funds to go somewhere else. Stopping a foreclosure sale requires making a legal argument that entitles you to stay a little longer in an attempt to retain your home or settle the debt. Asking the Judge for more time without legal grounds rarely works. Bankruptcy is also an option but is should be YOUR LAST OPTION. Not be your first option. It should be your last in order to take advantage of all the programs available to you. If someone is telling you to do bankruptcy first, it is for their best interest, not yours.

MSA LAW is prepared to address your foreclosure issues. Our fee for attempting to stop a foreclosure sale is $500. To add to the convenience, you do not have to make an in-office appointment unless you prefer to do so.

Our knowledge and skill may be exactly what you need to stop a foreclosure sale. Your call increases your chances of saving your home so do not delay! Before you lose hope and consider your home lost forever, contact Scanziani & Associates Law today.

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